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You Know Mama and I Have Always Been Very Much in Love

Katherine and Joe

Katherine and Joe

Crystal River, FL
Feb 23, 1920

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, New Providence, NJ

My Dearest:

My first day’s fishing was not a great success from a fishing standpoint. The day
was cloudy and it rained part of the time. I enjoyed the outing but did not land any fish.
This is not strange however, because I fished for Tarpon only, the tackle and bait being
too heavy for any of the smaller varieties. Imagine for a bait, a piece of a fish called mullet,
large enough for a portion for any human being if broiled or fried. Tarpon run anywhere
from 75 to 200 lbs in weight. There is a picture of one on the envelope. Tomorrow we will
try for Tarpon again, and if no luck, will try for some of the smaller fish with which the river

I received your letter of 19th and one from Katherine of the same date this evening
at dinner time. Katherine enclosed some pictures which I was glad to get.
Mr Massey has retired, worn out from the day’s exertions, and I expect to follow him

This is a typical fishing joint without much of the romantic about it unless a fellow
has his wife with him and was on a honeymoon, first, second or third. There are several
old sports here, some having their wives along. The latter are now busy playing “bridge” in
an adjoining room. A Mr Norton who is here with his wife, sits opposite me at a small table
(kitchen size) writing a letter. He resides at South Orange when at home. I showed him the
family pictures and after saying what a fine family it was, allowed he had one son, married
and 3 grand children. I guess this is the reason he can be here.

Tell Katherine I am grateful for her letter and will try to write her, but the conditions
here for writing are not conducive to easy flowing thought.  Read the rest of this entry »

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