There Is No Holding Back Time

22 Mar
1942 photo of Billy's wife Gertrude and daughter Thelma.

1942 photo of Billy’s wife Gertrude and daughter Thelma.

147 Diamond Hill Road
R.D. 1 Scotch Plains, NJ
Oct 28, 1942

From: Ruth (Barrell) Gray
To: William A Gray, jr

Dear Billy,

I want you to know how much I enjoyed your good long letter, telling of your family
outing to Waugan Mt. It is a long time since I walked up there with you and the other boys
but it recalled many pleasant memories. I know how hard it is for you to save gasoline
enough to get out to see me often but a nice letter like that one you wrote or the good ones
Gertrude writes me are always appreciated and fills in the times between your visits and
keeps me in touch with the children and the way they develop. You have a lovely family,
one you can be proud of and I like the way you are bringing them up and understanding

How we will all miss Frank Holbert when we think of Orange Co. and Warwick and
Wickham Lake. But we all have many happy memories there too and there is no holding
time back so we must face it bravely and cheerfully and enjoy life while we may and help
others to do the same. 

Edith has heard from Eddy. He is well but “lonely” for his family. He sent a letter
written Sep 27th which Edith brought me to read on Sunday. He is or was at Archangel.

Well at last we have had frost enough to kill most of the flowers. We still have vases
full about the house but doubt if there will be many more. Ruthy is in N.Y. buying for the
shop today. It is a perfect day! The last time she went in Monday it rained very hard, but
she was not exposed much that day.

I had a letter from Charlie written last Thursday and I judge he was about to leave
San Diego vicinity for distant places again. He was near there for a time and saw quite a
lot of cousin Marian and enjoyed her entertainment and her personality so very much.
was happy to know he was able to visit so home-like a place.

Kay expects to move into the new home tomorrow.

With much love to you, Gertrude, Bobby, & Thelma.


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