Nothing Can Excel A Rose

21 Mar

147 Diamond Hill Road
R.D. 1 Scotch Plains, NJ
Feb 6, 1942

From: Ruth (Barrell) Gray
To: Robin Barrell

Dear Robin,

I am sorry I am so late with your father’s birthday card, but have no excuse to offer,
other than the general statement that my affairs are rather out of any routine, so letter
writing gets done on the good days when I am able to tackle it.

Your lovely bouquet of roses lasted a long time and I enjoyed them so much. The
beauty and fragrance nothing can excel a rose.

We are expecting Edward and his family up this weekend, and they expect to
have Charley with them. Evidently his boat is in Norfolk and he may be able to get some

We haven’t seen or heard from Joe since Sunday, but expect he is still at Bendix

Edward and his family will be staying with Ethel. She came over today to get the crib
for Dickie. I hope the weather stays fair so that would not interfere with the plans.
No other special news now. I will try and write soon and tell you the news of the
boys visit.

With a great deal of love to Ruth, Ruthie and your own self and always to your

I am enclosing a special note for him and you can tell the other news from your

Aunt Ruthy

P.S. Joe just came in and is very much all right in health and spirit. Except he is
bored at nothing to do.

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