What a Lovely Christmas This Will Be

18 Mar

Overlook Hospital
Summit, NJ
Dec 15, 1941

From: Ruth (Barrell) Gray
To: Robin Barrell

Dear Robin,

I am still in the hospital but will be going home before very long. A chance I may go
before Christmas, but I believe that will be a bit to much of a rush, for I have to take my
nurse and rent a hospital bed and be taken in an ambulance .

I am gaining in strength every day and really look and feel quite well but there are
still some places of long slow healing which will take some time to complete, but in the end
I will be perfectly normal again in all my functioning.

Ruthy is feeling better and temperature normal in the afternoon.

Gertrude and Bill came to see me last evening, they both are looking and feeling
fine and the children are in fine health. Little Thelma can walk around in her play pen
holding on to the side. You must write and tell me about your little Ruthie. How I would love
to see her. You will have to bring her east to make the acquaintance of all her cousins next
summer when I expect to be able to enjoy them all. 

What a lovely Christmas this will be for you all with the dear little girl to enjoy it with.
Edward expects three days leave before the New Year and we are expecting Joe
will be home for awhile. Charley we do not know much about. He is out with the Atlantic
fleet on the air craft carrier U.S.S. Long Island and their base is now Bermuda, I believe.

The Irvings, and the Potts are all very well. Ruthy has been fighting off a cold since
the weekend. I haven’t heard how she is today but I expect much better by now.


Ethel came in at this point last evening and reported that you [had written]. Only the
sad note that the Grandpa is not able to be with you.

When you see him tell him I have lots of birds around to watch. I hear an old crow
off on the mountain side this minute, and there are lots of starlings and blue jays, and
merry little chick-a-dees. Give him my love and to all of you much love and a very merry
Christmas and New Year.

Aunt Ruthy

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