More Updates from Ruth

16 Mar

New Providence, NJ
Sept 16, 1941

From: Ruth (Barrell) Gray
To: Robin Barrell

Dear Robin,

I am still with Ethel and will be here for a few weeks more. I am postponing returning
to the hospital, for I am expecting to see Edward and Charlie before the end of the month.
Charley called up from Aberdeen on Sunday where he was spending the day. His ship is in
Norfolk and he is hoping to get some leave next week, but is not sure. Edward is off to the
Louisiana Maneuvers, viewing the tanks, etc., I expect. He too expects a few days leave
upon his return and will be up to see us.

How is your father? I do hope he is better so he may know his family, but at least it is
some comfort to know he does not suffer. I hope he may always be spared that and go
home quickly when his time comes.

I am so glad to remember the happy days we had in the spring together.

Joe has him A.M. rating now and gets $70 per month instead of $28. But the
responsibility has increased also. He has to be completely responsible for five engines,
with about 25 students to be taught the disassembly and assembly, so he was a bit
nervous, for some of the students are dumb and irresponsible, to put it in his words. 

The folks are well here – also Ruthy and the Pott family. Billy took his family
camping at Pickerel Point on the Promised Land Lake, high in the Poconos at a state
camp, for his vacation. They all returned just before Labor Day looking fine. Read the parts
of this letter your father may be interested in to him, if he is able to enjoy hearing it.

With a great deal of love to you and your two at home, Ruth and Ruthie.

Aunt Ruthy

P.S. Adele started to kindergarten when school opened and has been getting along
fine, no baby about her. So enjoy your baby while you may, she will be a big girl too before
you realize it.


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