Such A Pleasant Surprise

14 Mar

147 Diamond Hill Rd
R.D. No. -1, Scotch Plains, NJ
Aug 7, 1941

From: Ruth (Barrell) Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

Dear Ruth,

That was such a pleasant surprise, when Robin stopped in to see us two weeks
ago. I hope he will have the opportunity to visit us again when he is east. It must be hard
for you to have him away so much. This is where your little Ruthie does her bit to keep
Mother company. You must be a proud mother, Ruth, she is such a pretty little girl as all of
her cousins, once-and twice removed or second and third or whatever to call them, agree.
Her Great Aunt Ruthy wishes so much she could hold her close and love her too before
her babyhood is past.

Yesterday I went downstairs for the first time and sat out in the sunshine in the
backyard for awhile. It was fine. I will go out for awhile this afternoon again. We are
expecting Joe home tomorrow for a two day furlough. We haven’t seen him since
Christmas time so you can imagine how happy we all are.

Robin’s father and Aunt Dolly came up with Fred a week ago today to see us. They
were all fine. They had been up to Elk Lake, where Dorothy McCormack and her boys are
vacationing, for the previous weekend and evidently had an enjoyable time.

The weather has been perfect for some time now and we are enjoying each day. I
have a very nice view out of the windows in my room here at Ethels, and can see a
neighbor’s flower garden now gay with philox and golden glow. 

The Sultain you gave me last Sept. is blooming beautifully in our garden at Blue Mt.
I caught a glimpse of it as they brought me slowly by our house on the way here from the

I am so happy to have Ruthie’s pictures, they are all dear. I look at them often and
show them to all visitors who know the family. Thank Robin again for them, and the pretty
card he sent after his return home, it is now in the scrapbook with my other cards. I have
many lovely ones, that’s why I am keeping all in a scrap book.

With lots of love to you, Robin and Ruthie.

Aunt Ruthy

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