Time Tables Are Very Demoralizing, I Think

24 Feb

South Hadley, MA
April 14, 1926

From: Ruthy E Gray, Mount Holyoke College
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, Box 21, Oklawaha, FL

Dearest Mama:

Have I told you when Spring Vacation comes? I’ve been so busy I haven’t realized
how close it was, but today I consulted the time-tables, and now it is hard to think of
anything else but going home. Time-tables are very demoralizing, I think. They set you
dreaming. The “Recess” officially begins on the 26th but I can leave after second period in
the afternoon of Thursday, March 25th — and will arrive at Summit 11 or 12 at night. Kay
tells me you will probably not be home for a week after that. Monday, May 5th is the day I
must go back. It will grieve me if I can’t be with all of my family for a few days at least.

Have you decided definitely yet when you are starting. Of course it will take longer by auto.
Easter is early this years, isn’t it? I’ll be home for both Palm Sunday and Easter.
There is a tremendous lot I want to do in those ten precious days, as usual. There
are commencement clothes to think about — and a job for next year. I’ll have to be thinking
about that and perhaps doing some interviewing. One thing I’ll miss at Kay’s is the piano. 
The only event at all out of the ordinary this week was our Glee Club concert in the
Capital Theatre, Springfield, on Friday night. It wasn’t what you’d call a great musical event
but it was a lot of fun for us. It’s the largest movie theatre in Springfield. …


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