Charity As a Matter of Course

23 Feb

South Hadley, MA
April 12, 1926

From: Ruthy Gray, Mount Holyoke College
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, Ocklawaha, FL

Dearest Mama,
I don’t wonder you’re indignant at receiving bills for coal that other people are
burning. I knew that Uncle Dave had gone ahead and ordered a lot of things, but had no
idea he would charge them to you. You’d think he was doing you a great favor by opening
up the house, from the way he talks. And the way he spoke of your unpaid telephone bill —
as if you had either been careless or had left in such a hurry that you forgot about it. The
way some people take charity as a matter of course and think they are the only ones who
are ever hard up, makes me mad. 

But this doesn’t sound like a very charitable mood, does it?
Once more, I hope your homeward trip up in the “chev” or “shou” as I believe Papa
calls it proves the best part of your “vacation,” which is saying quite a lot. I’ll be looking
forward to postals en route.

Much love to all,


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