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21 Feb
Charles- fishing in Florida

Charles- fishing in Florida

Summit, NJ
March 30, 1926

From: Edward Gray, 249 Kent Place Plvd, Summit, NJ
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, P O Box #21, Oklawaha, FL

Dear Mama:

I am awfully sorry I didn’t write to you sooner and its been over two weeks since I
wrote to you. I have enough to tell you about to fill a newspaper. I started to write a letter to
you about a week ago but I didn’t get very far. When you say you have to be prepared to
go fishing or picnicing whenever the family says, we all up here feel as though we better
pack up and go down there.

Uncle Dave arrived with his family yesterday and opened up 249. I arrived there
yesterday afternoon expecting to find it deserted as usual. I unlocked the cellar door and
ran into the plumber. I almost started to grab for a shovel or some kind of a weapon to use
but I heard someone up stairs so I ran up and found Uncle Dave and Aunt Helen and all
the kids. The fires were all going and a big load of anthracite arrived. The place looked
funny. Both the cats made themselves at home and Teddy went to your bed and Topey
went to mine, thats the way I found them. They had some trouble getting Stanley out. They
said that he went all around the house mumbling to himself about chewing upon

Billy and Bob came out Sunday and cousin Ruthy was there. That made it crowded
for Kay so I had dinner at Naftzgers. Later in the day I went down and found Aunt Dolly,
Ray and Dot and the baby who is about as big as Dewey when we left here.

Sunday a week ago Willis, Billy and I went up to Waagaw Mountain. I guess thats
how you spell it, ask Charley. Then Monday Billy took the car down to Newark and got a
whole new set of shock absorbers for nothing but the cost of labor. I guess you heard
about it. 

My pants are all gone. Thanks for ten bucks you gave Billy. You certainly saved my
life. I would have written about them to you but I couldn’t get to it. I have too much to do
___ and all. This is my last day and these pants in geying today they went. But I have
another pair of pants to wear until Billy gets the new ones.

I sent the rubber tubing did Papa get it? I suppose he must have gotten it by this

Have you paid this weeks board? If you have I will stay here but if you haven’t I
better go down home. Do you think that it will be too much trouble for Aunt Helen. They
seem to want me down there and yet they want me up here. Which do you think I better

Thanks a lot for the Princeton tickets. The show was good. I took Ruthy and we
didn’t get home until half past 12 Saturday night.

I have been driving Mr Naftzgers car around quite a little taking Mrs N to church and
meetings. Mr N and getting the papers. One of the cops spoke to Mr Naftzger about it said
that they didn’t like to pull me in but that people have been calling their attention to it. He
said that I was a little bit young, so that I better lay off a little bit. That’s what the cop said
but ______ spoke to Mr Naftzger too about it. I don’t know what business it is of his.

I got Papas letter and you can tell him that I will write him as soon as I can.

I just ran out of paper so I am using some of Mrs N paper. Is this the way to use it?
Ruthy came to our English class today. I guess she is going to try to get a job
teaching English.

Springfield Ave through town was kind of a big job of paving. In some places the
asphalt is warping up and cracking. They are starting to get ready to
fix Morris Ave up now. I guess they will begin work as soon as they are assured that there
will be no more freezing. The Boulevard is in terrible condition. Worse that I ever saw it
before. They certainly will have to get busy on it this spring.

I just finished a one tube [radio] set that Billy contributed to entirely. I have it hooked
up down in the house so they down there can listen to it. Have to go to dinner now, so I will
sign off.

I hope Papa is feeling fine as well as yourself and I know the kids are no invalids.
The weather has been mild and probably will continue to be today. I was sweating all over
with that coat of mine on.

With lots of love to you all.


P S I enclose a letter that Mr Keller sent to all the parents of the troop 9. He is
dropping the troop and organizing troops in the churches.

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