Thought of Little Jack

20 Feb
Will and Ruth lost their son Jack the previous year.

Will and Ruth lost their son Jack the previous year.

Summit, NJ
March 15, 1926

From: Katherine (Gray) Pott, 55 Tulip Street, Summit, NJ
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, Box 21, Oklawaha, FL

Dearest Mama:

Your letter of the 4th arrived in due time and was much read and reread. Joe’s little
letter was very sweet and interesting and I am so glad he is having such a fine time in the
out-board motor boat and fishing.

I do wish we could have a bit of warm weather such as you are enjoying. It seems to
me we aught to have an occasional spring day by this time, but we have not had one. We
have had very clear days, but a bitter frost seems to hang in the air all the time and even
the warm, bright sun can’t dispel it. Our nights are very cold and the thermometer scarcely
registers above freezing mid-day.

Billy was not out yesterday but I think he was in Glen Ridge. Next Sunday we expect
him and Bob, whom I haven’t seen since the night you left. He was coming last Sunday but
it poured rain all day and so he didn’t attempt the trip out.

Billy came out Thursday and put strong Yale locks on all the doors at 249. Stanley
had been getting in (broke his way in laundry door) and one afternoon Edward found two
of his lady friends in the kitchen. Billy intends to bounce him if he sees him around. Some
nerve these foreigners have! 

I got a long letter from Ruthy last week, the first since she went back in January.
She is coming a week from Thursday. We will surely be glad to see her, and will enjoy her
visit with us very much. I will probably meet her in New York as I have some shopping to

Donald wrote me shortly and sweetly, thanking me for his Christmas present, and
that is all I have heard from that part of the country in a long time.

Alan was nominated for President of Rotary last week. Elections aren’t until April. If
he is elected, as no doubt he will be as there is never any opposition to the choice of the
nominating committee, he goes to Denver in June, a 17 day trip which will constitute his
vacation for 1926. I am sure I will go even if it means an addition to the mortgage as it
probably will, as expenses have been high, with coke $21.50 a ton etc.

Well, I must stop and get at the washing now. I hope you are all as fine as ever and
enjoying yourselves to the utmost. Lots of love from Alan and some extra for everybody.


P S I didn’t send the puttees as I wasn’t sure you wanted them. Am enclosing the
latest from D & S.

Thought of little Jack on the 13th. It doesn’t seem possible he could have been 18.

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