Spick and Span Boy

18 Feb

Summit, NJ
Feb 4, 1926
From: Ruth Naftzger, 3 Montview Road, Summit, New Jersey
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, Ocklawaha, FL

Dear Mrs Gray:

You can stay away for six months, if Edward keeps up the way he has been going!
One would hardly know he was in the house, and in all my life I never have seen
such a Spick and Span boy.

As we had about three feet of snow on the ground when we got up this morning, & a
strong wind blow & hail I kept him here from school, as I thought they would be terribly
cold. When they got there, there was only half a session anyhow. 

In the afternoon Edward and Patrica got out and cleaned as well as they could
around the house, but in an hours time it had all drifted back again.

Your cats have been taken good care of so far.

Just now my husband and Ed are down in he cellar making a new radio.

I hope you had a good trip & found Mr Gray better.

I remain

Yours sincerely
Ruth E Naftzger

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