Got Away Just In Time

17 Feb

1926 news

Summit, NJ
Feb 2, 1926

From: Edward Gray, Summit, New Jersey
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, Ocklawaha, FL

Dear Mama:

It is now quarter past six and I haven’t anything to do so I guess I will write to you
as you ought to be hearing from the north (cold and dreary) by this time.
I am very comfortably situated here at Naftzgers, a very nice room and good food.
Mrs Naftzger sends my laundry to Corby along with hers every Monday.
I bought a can of samon for the kitties and they gobbled it almost all up. Teddy is
always at the door but it takes Topsey about half an hour to get around. Yesterday they
were both in the box together and were very anxious to get in the house.

The plumbers said they had a hard time putting the furnace fire out.
Yesterday I went home and jacked up the car and also found the lamp smoking and
another layer of soot on the car. 

If you want me to pay the board in advance you better send me a check before the
weeks over.

I hope you find Papa feeling fine and glad to have you with him to take care of him.
Do so. You got away just in time, didn’t you.

How was the train ride? How are the kids? Are you at Lake Weir yet?

With lots of love for Papa and Mama and all the kids


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