The Expense of Living Here

13 Feb

Ocala, FL
Jan 22, 1926

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

My dearest Ruthy:

I didn’t get a letter from you today, and didn’t intend to write one; not retaliatory at
all but I wrote to Charlie this morning, also to McKergan and that used up my usual writing
time. I had a letter from Mr Matthews, the chief purpose of which was to remind me of a
note due Feb 1st, which I had already started to take care of by sending you a blank for
endorsement, so I had to reply to that one also.

Have just returned to town from my room where I partook of my humble and
lonesome repast of orange juice with yeast, 3 of your adorable cookies, a few nuts and
raisins. Was too fidgety to remain in the room to read and at first thought, I would blow
myself to a movie, but gave that up in favor of a little chat with you.

The expense of living here is a little more than I should like — and runs between 25
& 30 dollars per week. The room is $9.00 per week, and 2 meals per day with incidentals,
suit pressing and laundry amount to 16 to 18 dollars per week additional. As you said, in
Massey’s cottage three of us could live at no more, perhaps less. My laundry came back
today and was $1.14 for 8 handkerchiefs, 3 collars, 1 suit, underclothes, 1 suit pajamas, 1
shirt and 1 pair socks, Have two clean pairs socks with holes in the toes, so I guess I will
have to send them to you for darning, unless you come down to do it here. 

Lyman Coddington stopped in town for an hour or so this morning. He went first to
the Massey’s house and then came to the office. He was accompanied by a gentleman
with a peculiar name that I didn’t get. They were in a new Ford sedan, and were in too
much of a hurry to be on their way to St Petersburg to stop and take in any of the sights
here. The idea of one of Lyman’s means traveling about in a Ford is difficult to
comprehend. Still, a Ford is better than nothing and I am in the nothing class. All the
“niggers” about town drive around in Fords.

It was raining when I was ready to start for breakfast this morning, so I had to put on
my heavy coat and rubbers and cap. It was like a summer shower and cleared off
mid-morning and was too warm for a vest even, when I went for supper, so I carried coat
and rubbers in my hand and had to leave my vest unbuttoned. It is cooler tonight and the
weather forecast is for much cooler weather by tomorrow night. I would like to see it colder,
as my clothes are not suitable for summer weather. Many men hear are wearing straw

Well, I have written quite a bit without saying much. I wish you were here tonight to
talk with and walk with and play with, etc, then the summer sunshine would be summer
indeed. But wishing won’t do any good and some things just can’t be, se we’ll have to
make the best of them as they are.

Anyway, I’m going to broadcast a good, tight hug and some of those kisses you
know so well, of which I have a big supply stored up and if you wish to return the same,
take it out on Ed, Charlie, Joe and Kits, if she happens to be around.

Love & more love

Your Will

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