Vocations for Women

07 Feb

South Hadley, MA
Jan 12, 1926

From: Ruthy Gray, Mount Holyoke College
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

Dearest Mama:

Well, the blizzard has come at last! It didn’t take long for the inches to pile up
yesterday with the help of a fierce wind, while today it was beautiful and dazzling and
quiet. ….

In reading a book on vocations for women yesterday I was very much interested in
an article on free lance writing in New York by Minnie J Reynolds. Could it be cousin
Minnie do you suppose? …. One other newspaper job appeals to me — that is the job of the
“rewrite” who takes facts brought in by reporters and expands or condenses them
according to the editor’s wishes. Up to 1910 no woman had ever held this position but I
imagine it is different by now.

I should really be happier & more successful I think in some independent work of
this sort rather than in teaching. If I worked in N Y, I could live at home and my time in the
evenings would be my own to enjoy with you and the rest of the family, whereas teaching
is so indefinite and there are always papers and other worries to bother you in the
evenings. …. 

Is Aunt Lillie’s address Hoskins or Airlee? I heard she had moved again, but I sent
her a photograph to Airlee — hope she got it. I must write and thank her for her present.

You’d agree that it was high time I was asleep so I’ll call a halt.

With a heap of love and good night kisses,


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