I Would Hike Back to You in Short Order

06 Feb

Jacksonville, FL
Jan 11, 1926

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

My dearest Ruthy:

I should have gotten a letter off to you yesterday as I arrived here Sunday 4 P. M.,
but in the confusion of getting a room in a place all too short of hotel facilities to
accommodate the crowds, I couldn’t get settled in late and too tired to sit up and write.

My intention was to go to Ocala yesterday, but this was prevented by train from
Savannah being over an hour late and missing connection here with the Ocala train, which
left at 3 P. M. without waiting for us. I tried for the same train today, scheduled to leave at 3
P. M., after waiting on board over 2 hours and fearful of getting to Ocala too late for
comfort, I returned to this hotel and am again waiting for a room, none being available at
this time. It seems that a car of this train was out of order and had to be taken to the shop
for repairs. They were waiting for it to come back and may still do, I understand it is
unusual for any train to arrive or leave here on time. 

Will be glad when I get to Ocala and settled for a few days so I can get rested up as
this confusion of trying to get somewhere, and being unable to do so, for some reason or
another, is very tiresome.

The weather here today was very pleasant and warm enough in mid day to go
around without an overcoat and only a light one needed at all.

Not having a room and writing in the lobby with noise and confusion all around is
not conducive to connected thought, so I will have to ask you to wait until I get to Ocala for
a decent letter.

So far I haven’t seen the slightest attraction here except the weather today,
yesterday having been very damp and cloudy, but I hope for better things when I get
settled with a few friends, at least, around me.

I do hope everything is going well with you in Summit. Console yourself amid all
your work that it beat by miles and miles anything I have seen since leaving you, and if it
weren’t for the milder weather which may be a beneficial change, I would hike back to you
in short order.

Give my best love and regards to all the boys. Hope Ed, Charlie and Joe are
keeping well and helping you lots in various ways. Will write Katherine and Ethel, also
Billy, (whom I didn’t have a chance to say good bye to), in due course.

With a great deal of love to your own dear self, I am, as ever


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