Isn’t It Tragic

03 Feb

South Hadley, MA
Dec 14, 1925

From: Ruthy Gray, Mount Holyoke College
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

Dearest Mama,

It was very much of a shock to hear from Kay about Billy Barrell’s death, especially
as you hadn’t mentioned his operation in your letter. Isn’t it tragic — and I feel so sorry for
Aunt Lena. But, as I told her, death can do two great things for us — strengthen our faith,
and make us more appreciative and considerate of those still living. I am indeed glad that I
had that long and enjoyable walk with Billy on Thanksgiving day, even though it makes it
hurt worse to think that he is gone.
Did Papa get my pictures? You didn’t mention it or his birthday. I hope it hasn’t gone
astray. It’s too bad that Papa’s bronchial trouble bothers him so much; we are having
rather disagreeable cold and windy weather. I hope he doesn’t go to Florida before I have
a chance to see him, but if it’s a case of the sooner the better there should be no more
hesitation than necessary.

About Saturday — we are supposed to get there (1 own Hall, NY) at 12:30 for
rehearsal after which luncheon will be served to us there, so I imagine we’ll be free by
2:30. Three o’clock would probably be more convenient for you. Suppose I meet you there
at town Hall (43rd St between 6th Ave & Broadway), I’ll be there right along and it will be
easy enough for you to get to it from Times Square — easier to meet you than if I trotted
down to some crowded place. Then we can go to a movie, or shop, or whatever you want. 

If this doesn’t suit you, tell me. There seems to be some uncertainty about which station is
broadcasting. I can’t tell you anything definite but watch the papers for changes in radio
Much love till Saturday,


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