Indian Summer Weather

31 Jan

South Hadley, MA
Nov 8, 1925

From: Ruthy Gray, Mount Holyoke College
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

Dearest Mama,

I just finished writing to Aunt Lena, to ask her if it would be all right for Alice and I to
visit her a little while on Saturday morning. Do you realize that it is ten years since I’ve
seen her or the two youngest boys? Our plans are still rather indefinite for the Yale –
Princeton game, but its something to look forward to anyway — and only a few days off. …

Your letter and check came Friday. I mailed the laundry case Saturday. I hate to
burden you with this extra nuisance but the laundry here is expensive. You certainly must
have your hands full with the added role of chauffeur. I hope next year you’ll get a much
deserved rest.
Were Papa and Edward driving today? I might make a pun and say the wind and
the rain were driving also. It certainly is stormy up here — but very warm. We’ve been
having Indian summer weather.

I suppose Kay is very busy setting up housekeeping but I do wish she’d take
enough time from the business of being in love to write once in a while to her poor
lonesome maid of honor. Have you heard from Edith since she was married? 

Must trot along to Y W and hear Fay Campbell talk on “War.” Hope to remember
some good arguments against it.

With loads of love & kisses,


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