Dreamed of the Wedding Friday Night

30 Jan
Katherine and Allan

Katherine and Allan

College Station. TX
October 22, 1925

From: Ethel (Gray) Irving, College Station, TX
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

My Dearest Mama:

I’m not going to let another day go by without a word to you and I know you must be
wondering, not that you have a little breathing spell, what’s the matter with everyone in
College Station. We are all pretty well now but I have been pretty busy with my two
Donnies. Shortly after Donald recovered from his sick spell Donnie came down with quite a
bad cold and Sunday he had a temperature of 102.6 degrees, which had us quite worried.

The old standby — Castor oil fixed him up pretty well though, for by Monday morning the
fever was gone and since then a very runny nose and a little cough is all that disturbs him.
He had been very cross and demands most of my time. I’ve been trying to keep him
outdoors practically all day long, which Dr Black says is the best treatment for babie’s
colds — so I’ve been getting little else done. Donald and I both have little touches of the
cold but dosed up well with some of the pills Papa left us and we found them very effective.
Two or three nights Donnie slept in little cat naps of ten to fifteen minutes so we were up
practically all night with him.

We have had lots of rain and a “Northern” since I wrote last, and it has been
comfortably cool, about like it was last February, ever since. I wish you could have seen it
rain as it did here last week. It literally came down in buckets full. It rained about eight
inches in two days and filled our lake to overflowing so we look quite respectable again.
The tree and foliage are greener than it has been all year. It seems good to be able to look
out and see everything a pretty fresh green for a change.

I haven’t quite gotten over the shock of Katherines & Alan’s wonderful wedding
present — $10,000 is a powerful lot of money to have in your hand at once. Its lucky no
fond Uncle stepped forth with anything like that for me. The shock would have been too
much. I never would have lived to enjoy it. How I wished I could have been with you all
Saturday. I thought enough about you and even dreamed of the wedding Friday night. I
can hardly wait to hear all about it. 

Did you manage to find time between other things to practice driving enough so you
could get a license? You will surely miss ola “Kate the late” around the place though I
suppose you will manage to see her everyday. She and Alan are having a pretty
comfortable start, aren’t they?

I didn’t mean to let dear old Joe’s birthday pass with out so much as a note from the
Donnie Irvings. I even bought the ingredients to make him some caramel but just haven’t
had a minute to brew them up yet. However I still have them so one of these days the post
man might leave a little package for him. Give him six big kisses for me and some extra
ones for being so late and some nice juicy ones from Donnie.

Donnie had been enjoying his nice comfy crib for some time. The crib and the chair
came in fine shape and also the little white chair from you. So we are well equipped as a
modern nursery.

I am so sleepy I guess I will have to stop and say good night and high me away to
my beddy. Have a little surprise for you in a day or so. Hope you like them.

Good – night and whole heaps of love.


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