Papa Is in a Very Delicate Condition

28 Jan

College Station, TX
Feb 20, 1925

From: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % Donald Irving, College Station, TX
To: Katherine Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

Dearest Katherine:

I am hoping to have a letter from home when Donald comes in this evening. A week
from now we shall be on our way home at least as far as Houston. I believe our boat
leaves Galveston Saturday the 28th at 5 o’clock. That will be 4 o’clock with you, so you
can think of us at that time. It will be good to be going home for it is a long time to be away
from you all, especially from my little boy Joe. That surely was a nice present he sent to
little Donald and I am sure in a little while he will be shaking it and looking at those funny
faces. Little Donald has been having quite a bit of colic and that has kept his Ma and I
busy, but he has been pretty good nights, all but once when his Pa didn’t get much sleep.
He has two cute little hot water bottles and they help chase the colic away when we put
one against his tummy and the other near his feet. He likes to drink water too and that

Your pretty Valentine came, mine on Saturday and Papas on Monday. I was sorry I
hadn’t thought to send the boys some until it was too late. The days are so much alike
here it is hard to keep track of the time. We couldn’t get state room D but have E which is
the same, only on the opposite side of the boat.

You will have to hold out money enough from that last February check to do you
until I get home. You will have to let even the light bill wait unless you can plan a way to
pay them with out cramping the cash needs for daily expenses.

Yesterday Papa went to the hospital in Bryan for an x-ray picture of his heart. Dr
Black brought them down today. Papa is in a very delicate condition and has got to be very
careful of himself, but if he is very careful he may live quite a long time yet. The Dr thought
it would not hurt for him to go to Dallas early next week if he takes it very easy. So he will
probably go on Monday and stay two nights and all day Tuesday to see his friends there
and the business he wants to attend to. It is a six hour or more trip. He will leave here
about 12 o’clock noon and arrive at Dallas about 6:35 P M and will leave Dallas for
College Station coming back about 9 A M, arriving about 3 P M Wednesday.
Ethel is playing cribbage with her Papa now. 

We must keep him happy and cut down all his worries as far as we possibly can
when we get home, and then he must not work more than half time. Bob and Billy will have
to shoulder the responsibility more from now on. Billy must take care of his health too. I
hope he is going to bed earlier and otherwise saving his health.

It is now a little past ten o’clock. No letter from home, but I will finish this and let
Donald mail it tomorrow. Ethel is feeding Donald jr now and we just finished playing five
hundred a few minutes ago. Texas won tonight, but N J has had the best luck most nights.
Papa is working at a cross word puzzle in a Dallas paper now. He does one every
day. Donald brought a sheaf of Summit and Newark papers from Mother Irving tonight.
They looked very homey. I see the waters are rising in the old N J streams. I suppose the
snow and ice are fast disappearing from the ground.

It is warm here tonight so no fire is needed, but the wind is from the south and they,
the natives and farmers, are looking for rain here. It is very much needed as it is time for
them to do their planting cotton, corn, and other things too, but the ground is too dry now. I
saw a spring beauty in Ethel’s front yard the other day and the daffodils are out in the
yards. They do not have to take up any bulbs in this climate, even the cannas stay in all
winter as the ground does not freeze more than a frost on the surface occasionally.

Papa expects to write to Bob again before we leave, but if anything should prevent
his doing so, I wish you would get the message to Bob to meet us at the boat upon our
arrival in N Y on Friday March 6th.

Papa should not handle a bit of the baggage but I guess we can find porters almost
every where. Well it is time the family retired. Baby is good tonight. Love to all my boys big
and little and middle sized including Bob and a lot for my dear big girlie.


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