My First Little Great Grandson

25 Jan
Ruth, Ethel, Mer (Ruth's mother), and the first grandson.

Ruth, Ethel, Mer (Ruth’s mother), and the first grandson.

Glen Ridge, NJ
Feb 14, 1925

From: Elizabeth (Wisner) “Mer” Barrell, % Dorothy (Barrell) Hunt, 36 Hawthorne Ave
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % Donald Irving, College Station, TX

Dear Ruthy,

Your letter was received, and I was very glad to hear from you. I have been waiting
before writing again, to hear from the Holberts, and yesterday I received a letter from
Grace, and I will copy what she says about Frank’s business.

“I have been going to write you for same time, to tell you of Frank’s troubles, for I
knew you would be interested, and also sorry, to hear he had to give up, after all his hard
years of work. He said there was no use of trying to keep the business any longer for it
hadn’t paid since the war, and he just kept putting money back in it, until he was sick and
tired of it, so it had to go. He could have sold the business, but the owner of the building
wanted to raise the rent 50 %, and no one would touch it. We are trying to sell our house,
and then will probably live on the Pelton farm, although no definite plans have been made.
Frank feels lost, and undone, but thinks he can be happy, and contented, on the Pelton

It is warm here today with a bright sun shining, and the snow settling, so it will not
take many days to uncover the ground, which had been hidden from sight under its blanket
if snow and ice since Dec 26th. You and Will were fortunate in escaping all the discomfort
of this long severe winter, which will long be remembered. I hope you have had fine
weather in Texas all the time you have been there; and Will is feeling better from the trip. I
know Ethel will be sorry to have you leave, and I wish you could have stayed longer with
her, but I suppose Katherine and the rest of the family will be very glad to have you back
again. I hope Ethel is gaining strength daily, and Donald jr will be considerate, and sleep
well o’nights, so he will not disturb his Ma too much. I wish I could see him, my first little
great grandson.

I do not know much news to write about, and I want to get this letter off this
afternoon so it may reach you before you leave Ethel, for home. We are all well here. I
have had no cold. Yesterday Dorothy was here to help celebrate her mother’s 47th
birthday. Todays paper brings the news of the birth of a little daughter to Nick and Alice
Longworth. I wonder if it is as bald as its Pa.

Much love to you all, and wishing fine weather for you on your return trip. Kiss my
little G G son for me.


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