Papa is Most Important

24 Jan
Will, 1925

Will, 1925

College Station, TX
Feb 12, 1925

From: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % Donald Irving, College Station, TX
To: Katherine Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

Dearest Katherine:

Your nice long letter of the 6th came today and Ethel had one from Ruthy with a
copy of the puzzle enclosed. Papa is working the puzzle now.

He has been getting up for two days now, and walked out a few minutes today. He
is feeling a little stronger each day and looks about as usual now. We still have our
reservations on the Mallory for February 21st but I think Papa is thinking of canceling them
and sailing on the San Jacinto from Galveston a week later the 28th. Will write you again
when all is decided. I really do not like being away from you all so long, but of course Papa
is most important. We must take care of him.

What a dreadful thing that was that happened to Joe. People with dogs like that
ought to live out in the country where the beasts can do no harm. It was enough to frighten
the child to death. I think Charley would have had a greater nervous shock than Joe. Let
him stay home whenever it is more convenient for you. He is growing up fast enough

I suppose the children had a holiday today. Down here all days seem alike. My
routine keeps me quite busy. But from now on Ethel will be able to help more. Tomorrow
Mrs Adraince has invited us all to take a short ride in her Nash sedan, so if the weather is
favorable, we will doll our baby up and take him for his first ride or rather his second
as he rode home from the hospital. His head is shaped something like his grandpa’s. I
think he has ears and eyes like Donald’s and he has quite a long upper lip, which they say
is like mine and his nose and feet are like Ethel’s and his hair is a nice dark brown, like
Joe’s, but we will have to take his picture to show you just how all this mixture really makes
our dear little baby.

Tell Joe Papa hasn’t forgotten about his watch but he has been too sick to attend to
it, but I am sure some day he’ll get one, but we had better not think too much about it and
then it will be a nice surprise when it does come.

That was rather a funny mistake about the residents of Florida. It must have been a
lingering of sea-sickness getting into my pen. Such creatures would be good passengers
for the gump to carry.

I must stop and get my family to bed. Will write again soon and will write Joe a letter
all for his own self next time. Here is a kiss for him, and with many more for you all and
much love


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