I Wish You Could See Wee Sonny

23 Jan

College Station, TX
Feb 12, 1925

From: Ethel (Gray) Irving,
To: Katherine Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

Dearest Katherine:

First I suppose you are very anxious to hear about Papa. Since he has been here
he has been doing nothing but resting — and now he is up and dressed, sitting here beside
me reading. He is feeling very much better but not very strong yet and really the longer we
can keep him here away from business and its worries the better for him.

I am feeling pretty well again, too. Yesterday I got up for a while in the afternoon
and we all had supper together for the first time after which Papa and I had a couple of
games of cribbage at which he trimmed me very badly.

I wish you could see “wee sonny.” He really is adorable. I suppose you have heard
from Mama that he weighed 8 pounds and promises to be a big husky like the rest of the
family, for which I am very glad since he’s a boy. Donald is quite swelled up with pride and
tells everyone “the boy” is just the image of his dad. He doesn’t give me credit for a feature
except the end of his nose which he says is squashed in at the end like mine. Now the end
of his nose is sweet as can be so I don’t mind if it is squashed in. He has quite a bit of dark
hair, enough so that I can part it on the side and he looks too dear for anything. His eyes
are rather indefinite yet but I believe will be a blue, gray like Donald. Today Mama dressed
him in one of the little flannel wrappers I made him, trimmed with pink featherstitching and
your little booties trimmed with pink. They fit him the best of any of his boots and look
perfectly adorable on him. Before Mama and Papa go home we will get him all dolled up
and have him pose for his portrait so you can see just how wonderful he is. 

Mama has surely been busy as usual since her arrival here and between playing
nurse for Papa and I and nurse-maid for the baby and “chief cook and bottle washer” she
hardly has a minutes rest during the day. Next week I will probably be strong enough to
help some and we are trying to coax Mama & Papa to stay a week or so longer and then
maybe I can give Mama a real rest.

She surely did enjoy your letter, specially the one to Donald jr and “Mrs Mama.”
How I wish all his Aunties and Uncles could see him now and I hope he isn’t too grown up
by the time we get back to Summit, N J on a visit.

Must stop now — it’s baby’s dinner time.
Great heaps of love to you & the kids,


P S Mama says she’s going to enclose a few lines.

P S 2 Tell Billy his letter & photos arrived and were much enjoyed by all. Will write
him later.

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