Now “Grandma Gray”

21 Jan

College Station, TX
Feb 4, 1925

From: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % Donald Irving, College Station, TX
To: Katherine Gray, 249 Kent Pl Boulevard, Summit, NJ

Dearest Katherine:

Here am I sitting in Ethel’s pretty living room writing on the old walnut table. We
went to the hospital right after breakfast this morning to pay our respects to your young
nephew. He is a husky young Texan, and behaved beautifully during our visit. Ethel looked
well and seemed her usual jolly self. Dr Black says she is doing fine and she had a fine
boy. He weighed eight lbs. Donald met us at the station with the good news when we
arrived at 12.15 last night. Donald looks fine too. His extra weight has only improved his
appearance. I think Ethel will be able to come home in a few days and then my hands will
be full indeed and I may not write so often, but will have lots to tell in detail when I get
home again.

I had Papa go to Dr Black with Donald this morning for a thorough examination, as
he had not been feeling so well the last two days of our sail and had not slept much for
three nights, seeming to get all choked up as soon as he would lie down. Dr gave him
some medicine and advised him to stay in bed for two days for a complete rest. So I put
him to bed about noon and in the complete quiet of this house and the lovely balmy
summer air he has been resting and napping most of the afternoon. I hope the two weeks
here will do much for him. The Dr thinks it is his heart which has caused the trouble in his
stomach too. He will need to be very careful for a long time. The strain of the past two
years has nearly worn him out. 

Tell Joe and Charley I will have Donald get me some nice post cards for them soon,
and I have a nice story to tell them when I get home about the waiters feeding the sea
gulls as we came into Galveston harbor. It is dry down here and there are no
flowers yet, but it is warm as a summer day in the day time though it gets quite cool at

I hope to hear from you all soon that all are well at 249. I think of you all so often.

Love to each and every one

“Grandma Gray”

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