You Are a Wonderful Girl to Undertake So Much

19 Jan
Charlie and Joe in 1925

Charlie and Joe in 1925

On steamship
Jan 31, 1925

From: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, enroute to Donald Irving, College Station, TX
To: Katherine Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

Dearest Katherine:

We have been enjoying a perfect June day. It is now nearly 8:30 P M and it is nearly gone as all
good things go. I have been dressed just as I would for midsummer sitting out on deck in a steamer chair.

It seems ages since we left N Y in a zero temperature. Soon after leaving N Y bay following along
the Jersey coast but not in sight of it, we began to feel the breakers and the motion soon disturbed me to the extent of relieving me of my lunch. I attempted a light supper, but no use. So I retired to my berth and as we advanced we came into a storm and the boar surely did rock and toss — and all day Thursday it grew worse and worse, so I staid in my berth and lived on nibbles of fruit from a luscious basketful presented us by Mr Fuller. We had another large basket from the office of Gray Envelope Company, which we are hoping to preserve for Ethel. Papa with his delicate stomach was a good seaman through it all and ate at every meal. 

Most of the ladies were much as I or worse, so I did not feel badly as long as I laid still and did not eat. Yesterday dawned fair and soon all were gathering on deck once more and returning to their regular rituals.

For a few minutes during the worst of the storm on Thursday night the lights went out, but they soon came on again to the relief of all. We had a good view of Miami beach this afternoon and saw many lovely residents along the shore all this morning, all Spanish style with palm trees about them. Papa finished reading Kindred of the Dust last night. You will enjoy reading it to Mer when we get home again. It is good Bob came to see us off as I suppose you have heard. He had a big box of candy and a box of cigars and two books for us. Mr Fuller came a few minutes later so we had a very nice send off. I just returned Papa’s pen and am using the ships, as I thoughtlessly came down stairs with out my own.

We are a little late and will not be in Galveston until Thursday afternoon February 3rd and not at
College Station before Wednesday morning as we understand it now. I think Papa has decided that we will leave Galveston for home on February 21st, which is Saturday instead of Wednesday 18th we had talked of.

The Saturday boat is a much better and newer one, “The Henry Mallory.” So that will bring us home on Friday February 27th I believe instead of Tuesday 24th as we had expected.

I think of you all so often and of the truly big job I put into your dear hands. I hope all is going well
and you are not over doing in any way. Be very careful of your health and only do the really necessary things and call on all your aides frequently. You are a wonderful girl to undertake so much for your Father and Mother and we truly appreciate it. Some day I hope you too may enjoy this wonderful trip away from the bitter cold and snow of the north.

Papa is writing to you also. We expect to mail this from Key West where we stop early in the
morning to let off Florida passengers and freight.

We saw some porpoises playing in the waves this morning and a few flying fish. Expect we will see
many more of these tomorrow when we are in the gulf. Will have much to tell Charlie and Joe of all we have seen, when we are home again.

Will write again from Texas, as soon as possible after our arrival and now Love to all, Billy, Jack,
Edward, Charley and Joe and my dear big helper and some for her sweetheart Alan.


Dearest Katherine — we have discovered the proper journey for your wedding trip. Get married in
January, and take one of these steamers to Key West or Galveston. If the former, then go to Miami. It must be a fun place judging from what we saw from the ship today. Tell Billy we saw the wireless station from which they do their broadcasting.

We are having a great time now, but not on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday, but all’s well that
ends well. Good luck and much love to you and all your family


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