I Wish It Were a Family Camping Party

16 Jan

1924 letter

Cass, WV
Sept 20, 1924

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

My Dear Ruthy:

Taking it easy over the 7 Alleghenian from Stanton, we arrived here last evening.
The trip over the mountains is a succession of magnificent views.

Jasper Mathew’s wife is ill and as we came here to be his guests, find he is in no
position to entertain us. We are rooming over his office and taking meals in the town

It looks now as if we won’t get back to Summit until about Thursday or Friday of next
week, much as I feel that I should get home sooner. We will probably leave here Monday
morning and may spend one night on Cheat Mountain and then 3 days to get home which
means arriving Thursday or Friday. 

If there is anything special you could get me here by letter — no, this would be no
use — I think, on the way back I will phone from some point to see if everything is all right.
I am enjoying the trip and am making the most of it for rest and recreation. I wish it
were a family camping party instead of what it is, but I hope that will come about at some
future time.

I hope all is well with every one at 249 and send each one love and regards.


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