A Fine Trip So Far

15 Jan

Fort Defiance, VA
Sept 18, 1924

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

My Dear Ruthy:

Just a few lines to say we are at the Augusta Military Academy, 9 miles north of
Stanton and near this village, Fort Defiance. Put up here last night after running down to
Stanton and looking over points of interest among them being birthplace of Woodrow
Wilson. Slept in the barracks last night as guests and partook of the regular mess for
supper and breakfast. Mr M expects his brother here this afternoon and we will journey
back to Cass with him over the mountains.

It has been a fine trip so far, not much driving for me as I have been making Mr M
drive and I have been looking on most of the time. Then we have had plenty of sleep which
helps a lot. 

This is a very interesting school situated beside the stone church, the first
Presbyterian Church organized in Virginia in 1732. It is a fine large structure situated on a
hill in a grove of old oaks.

This is all for now, and with much love and regards for everybody, I am as ever


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