14 Jan
Will relaxing

Will relaxing

Middletown, VA
Sept 16, 1924

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

My Dearest Ruthy:

Here we are settled for the night at this place a few miles south of Winchester, enroute to Stanton.
Didn’t make so much mileage today as yesterday, having driven 21 miles around the battlefield at
Gettysburg and not getting away from there until nearly noon today. Gettysburg is a most interesting place and we must familiarize ourselves with the history of the battle preparatory to spending a full day going over the ground. I noticed a particularly fine camping site just off the road to Chambersburg and right at the battlefield. There was a fine grove of trees and a babbling brook — nothing more to be desired — Gettysburg can be made in one day from Summit because the roads are fine all the way, not a bad stretch any where.

One day at the field and 1 day to return. Perhaps we can get it in this fall.

All the country covered during the two days ride has been most interesting and varied. You wouldn’t
want for anything finer. This afternoon we struck the Blue Mountains of Maryland, or is it South
Pennsylvania. Then a long flat valley from Hagerstown to Winchester. Now, I believe we are in the
Shenandoah Valley.

I drove a good part of the way yesterday and none today, which accounts for the difference in
mileage. Of course Mr M is doing pretty well for a beginner, but it is pretty monotonous for an old timer to sit beside a novice all day. Then the car — after the 100 and odd miles covered today I find my back about ready to break in two. The Dodge is a lemon for touring, no power on hills and overheats at slightest provocation. I have no use for any gas car touring after my experience with Stanley. The gas cars all tire me out, but the Dodge is the worst I was ever in. 

Young John is still with us. I don’t know what his strong suit is, but it surely isn’t geography. We were
in Harrison, N J yesterday morning and he wanted to know if it were Summit. Later on we had passed thru Easton and Bethelem and were going through Reading. He asked if we were still in Easton. Such ignorance is really pitiful.

Tomorrow we will go to Stanton (as pronounced) and if we make a good time, go on to Covington,
where W Va P & P Co have mills, and return to Stanton next day (Thursday) which is when John, jr has to report to begin his explorations into “the Calculus, etc.” Then Jap picks us up and we go over the 7 Allegheny Mountains to Cass, West Virginia. It looks as if I won’t get home until sometime late next week, unless I come by train.

Our first assault upon your fine lunch was at Easton, next near Gettysburg just after sunset last
evening. Today we lunched from the same supply between Waynesboro and ______ (will supply the name later) and there is still enough left for another lunch tomorrow minus drinks, of course. The pie was great and lasted over 3 meals.

Have had 2 fine days and everything would be great if the party were you and I with perhaps Joe and Charlie thrown in.

This inn is not unlike the Brookfield. We certainly had a fine southern supper and feel very
comfortable indeed.

Hope everything is going nicely and that all are well. Ruthy will be gone when this reaches you and
I’ll bet you’ll miss her. Ruthy is a fine and most interesting girl.

A great deal of love to everybody and more than that to yourself.

As ever

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