If It Went Up Instead of Down

12 Jan
I suppose this letter proves the date is wrong in this photo....

I suppose this letter proves the date is wrong in this photo….

Buffalo, NY
June 23, 1923

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray

My dearest Ruthy:

Where I start for I usually arrive — sometimes early, sometimes late, but this time
arrove on time. Met Fred Smith and his son Edgar on the train and we had breakfast
together at Buffalo. Arrived here about 9:15 A M D L savings time.

It is the same old Niagara — the falls still pouring down in mighty volume. I hear that
a certain farmer seeing the falls for the first time remarked that there was nothing
wonderful in all that water coming over a precipice but that it would strike him as
extraordinary if it went up instead of down.

In the middle of the morning for want of something better to do, we took the belt line
trolley ride — down the rapids on the Canadian side to Lewiston and then back on the
American side. This trip takes about 2 to 3 hours, according to the number of side shows
you take in.

Returning to the Hotel found another member, Howard Jones of Baltimore and he
wanted to take the “Maid of the West” boat ride so we walked over to the United States
and made the trip. This is an interesting feature of a visit here. You go abroad the boat,
leave your hat in the cabin and put on a long rubber coat and hat. Then you sail close up
to the falls and for a short time become immersed in a gentle rain.

Coming back from Niagara Falls, USA, we had our pictures took, one of which I
enclose herewith.

Wish I could have you all along, then it would be real fun, but alone, not especially

Much love to all and a specially large portion for your own dear self.


P. S. I took great care to clean and fill my fountain pen, but must have left it behind.
This will very much interfere with my writing program.

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