Someday We’ll Do It

11 Jan

Rochester, NY
June 20, 1923

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

My dearest Ruthy:

The Niagara leg of our trip is completed and the second begun. Was disappointed
not to hear from you this morning before leaving the Clifton — which was about noon.

Didn’t write you yesterday, but it was perfect in weather and entertainment. Spent the
day at Lewiston — Niagara Country Club about 10 miles from the falls on the New York
side, returning to the hotel about midnight. About noon we checked out and went again to
the country club for lunch, coming direct from it.

Bert Oles and his son drove from Battunore in one day — over 400 miles in a Lincoln
— 5 passenger touring and I drove with them from the Niagara club over 80 miles in 2 ½
hours over fine roads. We are here ahead of the crowd coming by train. Mr Oles’ 17 year
old son drives the car and at one time he had it moving at 75 miles per hour, but for most
of the trip ran along at 45 to 50.

Oles is taking his car on the boat tonight and intends to drive all the way to
Groveton, NH, then back to Battunore. I may ride with him, if it doesn’t consume too much

I am trying to scribble this note under difficulties and cannot make it very long. 

I hope everything at home is all right and all are well. Am certainly getting an outing
in a variety of ways, and am enjoying it very much considering all the circumstances.
Instead of riding with Oles, you and I should be making the trip in a Lincoln. I still feel that
someday we’ll do it.

Guess this is the last letter I’ll be able to get to you before I return.
Wish I had you, Charlie and Joe, along for the balance of the trip.

I am thinking of the two boys at this time, soiled from the days labors and possibly
going thru a very objectionable but necessary wash.

I’ll say good bye for this time and with much love and kisses for all who like them, I

As always
Your Will

P.S. I wanted to get something to send to Charlie and Joe, but haven’t had the
opportunity. The souvenirs on sale at the Falls seemed to be trashy, unless you wanted to
spend a considerable sum for something decent.
W. A. G.

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