A Letter from Ruthy Junior

08 Jan

Worcester, MA
August 19, 1922

From: Ruthy Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

Dear Mama:

Just got out of bed and thought I would like to write to you. Mercy! the clock on the
city hall which I can see from the window says only 25 minutes past seven and I thought it
was about nine o’clock. Aunt Martha just sat up and asked what time it was. When I told
her she almost had a fit — said I woke her up by creaking the chair — she thought it was a
mouse — she is so scared of bugs and mice that she has to pull her bed away from the wall
every night. However I told her I was going to take a bath and that she could sleep longer
so she flopped back again. Her idea was breakfast in bed at about lunch time. Papa and
Uncle Bob have to leave early for appointments. I just heard Papa whistling Kalooha (I
don’t know how to spell it) in the next room which makes it seem homelike. We have lovely
front rooms on the fifth floor, with adjoining baths. The hotel is right in the center of
Worcester facing the park or square with the city hall to our left. I love the New England
towns and cities. They’re so clean and comfortable and picturesque. We had a lovely ride
with especially pretty scenery from Hartford to this place. 

I could have stood another dress or a skirt & sweater. Uncle Bob refuses to drive
back Sunday so I presume we will start back Monday morning. My canto crepe dress was
in a perfect wrinkle when I took it out last night but it is better this morning. Aunt Martha
complimented it. It is raining this morning and I don’t know what we’ll do all day but I’m
sure I’ll enjoy myself anyway. Aunt Martha is crazy! She’s always talking about her old
beaus. She called up all of them within forty miles last night to try & make dates with them
for today but they didn’t fall. She gets Papa and Uncle Bob mad by telling them she could
“drag me on a wild run” today. I can’t keep track of all her slang. Then Papa tells her to
remember that I’m only a “little girl” yet. Then Aunt Martha laughs and says, “Go on, I had
my first proposal when I was 16,” etc.

Well we just had our breakfast up in our room. I had cornflakes, cream, and cocoa
with whipped cream, more than I could eat. We are going to take a little walk & go over to
the five & ten to buy some postcards. It shows some signs of clearing up. I have my ratine
dress on & it looks & feels very nice. I’m glad to have one thing that isn’t mussed up. We
may hunt up the museum today that has g-g-g-grandfathers picture in it. Aunt Martha says
to tell you we miss you which is all very true. I will have lots more to tell you when I get
home. Hope the letter will reach you before that time.

Lots of love to all the family,

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