Sometime Some Day

06 Jan
Joe and Charlie

Joe and Charlie

Kansas City, MO
Oct 11, 1921

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 249 Boulevard, Summit, NJ

My Dearest Ruthy:

Arrived here Saturday A M on time and there has been so much doing that I have
not had an opportunity to write you.

Lawrence Smith was at the hotel awaiting us and after breakfast took us all to the
Hillcrest Club 9 miles from the center. Played golf all day and did not get back here until
well into the night and had no more than enough energy left than to roll into bed. Sunday
morning saw us on our way to the club again at 8:30 and we had another big day. The
weather both days has been ideal, and the rolling country here is very beautiful. The
meadow larks on the course kept up an incessant song.

Last night was worse than Saturday. Several parties and no chance to get away
until midnight. So this morning I am feeling first rate but a few rations behind on sleep. It is
10:30 now and time for our first business meeting, so I will have to curtail my letter, altho
I’d like to write you a nice long one, in reply to the nice note I received from you yesterday. 

Frequently I too think of the few days in New England and how fine it would be to
get away for a few weeks on a real vacation. Maybe “sometime some day.” There seems to
be a lot of good roads out here and I understand there is a fine road from K C to Denver.
We’ll try it out some time.

Wednesday will be Joey’s 2nd birthday and I won’t be home to help celebrate. Give
him two hugs and kisses from me. Best of love to you and all the rest at home.

As ever your


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