Mama Chu Chu

03 Jan
The Good Maxwell, 1921

The Good Maxwell, 1921

New York, NY
July 8, 1921

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % R W Barrell, 4164 Botanical Ave, St Louis, MO

My Dearest Ruthy:

Meeting me at station last evening, Ethel told me of your wire announcing safe
arrival on time. Yesterday was one of the hottest. I hope you find it no worse in St Louis.

After a “shower” and a light meal topped with home made “peach ice cream,” I felt tolerably
cool. Stayed in all evening retiring about 10. Joe is in good health. He slept well last night
and didn’t disturb any one. This morning Billy did not turn out in time, so I drove the
Maxwell to Summit with Edward, leaving him in the car until Billy walked after it. Edward
had his breakfast with me. I had a grouch on this morning, it being most awfully hot. I
prepared to put on my Palm Beach suit only to find that some well meaning individual had
sent the new trousers and the coat of the old suit to the tailors to be cleaned. So I had to
don a wool suit. Outside of that, everything is OK.

Edward returned from his camping trip yesterday morning. Said they got up at 5 A M
and made their own breakfast consisting of puffed rice, cocoa, bread & butter. 

Everybody is well and happy at home. The girls are doing fine and you may have a
free mind to get the most you can of rest and recreation out of your trip.

I am not going to tell you how much I miss you because I don’t want you to curtail
your trip or hurry home. I had Joe throwing kisses to you last night in the cunningest way. I
taught him to kiss his hand and send it toward the West. He often says “Mama chu chu”
“Mama chu chu,” repeating it several times.

I hope you found Mer in good health and that she will be able to make the trip back
with you.

With lots of love to you & Charlie and best regards to the St Louis folks. I am as

your husband

P S Maybe you would like to call up Mrs Loeb (nee Tessie Meltzer) while you are


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