An Account of the Doings

02 Jan
Ed, Charlie, Ruth, Joe, and Jack in 1921.

Ed, Charlie, Ruth, Joe, and Jack in 1921.

New York, NY
July 7, 1921

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % R. W. Barrell, 4164 Botanical Ave, St Louis, MO

My dearest Ruthy:

It is 11 o’clock here, but only 9 where you are, rolling across somewhere in Indiana
or Illinois. I hope the night went well with you — that it was not too hot for comfortable
sleeping, and that you are feeling fit. Charlie no doubt, with all the attention lavished on
him, that you have had to divide with nine when you are at home, is having the time of his

The first night of your absence passed very smoothly. Of course we all missed you
a lot but everybody tried their best to fill the gap. I motored home from Newark arriving
about 6:30 and found dinner ready. Joe was having milk-toast in the kitchen. After dinner,
and a very good dinner it was, topped off with lemon pie, we all loaded into the Lincoln and
drove over favorite roads until near nine. Joe fell asleep before we returned and arriving
home settled down like a kitten and woke up this morning at twenty minutes to seven. 

Katherine slept in your bed so as to answer to Joe’s calls, if there were any, but she was
not bothered. Notwithstanding the fact that we played 500 until eleven all hands seemed to
be up on time this morning and I got my usual train in easy fashion. Edward was away last
night camping with the Wahl boy. He had an early supper and came to me for permission
after I got home. When I withheld consent to ask a few questions, he got teary so I let him
go. They were going to sleep in a tent behind the home of Wahl’s maternal grandmother
who lives on the turnpike near the junction of Summit Avenue.

This is an account of the doings of your family up to this morning. Hope you
arrive safely on train and you find all well in St. Louis.

With much love

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