Back to Earth Once More

30 Dec

Ocala, FL
Feb 29, 1920

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, New Providence, NJ

My Dearest Ruthy:

I am feeling lonesome tonight and wish I could drop in on you and see some folks
that I really know. The hardest part of a situation like this is being away, alone, without an
occupation. My thoughts keep turning to you and home and by comparison, Florida loses
all its attractiveness. Of course, if you were with me, it would be different. Then again, the
day has been cold and dreary, raining most of the time. Just like a March day in New

Arrived here from Crystal River about 2 P M, then came to this room #322, and after
unpacking some things from my grip, laid down with the intention of taking a little rest. It
was 7:20 when I got up and I had hard work shaking the sleep out of my eyes.

After eating a light supper (all my meals are light these days), Mr Massey dropped
in and we spent the evening chatting and he has just gone.

Mr M is talking about what we are going to do all this week, but I don’t see how I can
remain over next Sunday.

I haven’t taken care of the company’s income tax report or my own and both have to
be filed before March 15th, so I ought to be in New York Monday week. 

Don’t know how you are fixed for money so I am enclosing check for $100 to tide

Well, Ruthy, girlie back to earth once more. Now to end this letter and to bed.

I hope you all thought of me tonight as you gathered around the piano and sang the
songs I love to sing. This is what I thought you might be doing.

What is Billy doing with himself? I have had letters from Ethel Ruthy & Katherine,
but none from Wm jr. I hope he is picking up on his math. That motor bike prospect ought
to settle him down to real work.

Page 2 contained my love to you so I will close by sending love and kisses to all the
rest. You can get your kisses between the lines of the page referred to.

Thank Joe for the hug and smile he sent me.

Tell Charlie I am coming home to him soon. Kiss him for me at the same time.

The same message will do for
Ruthy 2nd

Good night


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