Your Silly Willie

29 Dec

Crystal River, FL
Feb 29, 1920

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, New Providence, NJ

My very dearest Ruthy:

Don’t know as I ever wrote a note on Sunday morning before or on the 29th of

We are all packed up here waiting to leave on the only train to Ocala today, the
11:10. So as I didn’t write you last night, I want to send you this morning message.
The week was no good for fishing. Think I could have done better in the Passaic
River. But the weather, tho cold, was fine and I enjoyed, and I think was improved by the
outing. My face, neck and hands are burned to a crisp by sun and wind.

Was raining heavily this morning on arising and continues to rain, so it is a good
day to get out. I will make plans for the return trip and write you from Ocala. I hope to see
you by the end of the week.

Until then, Sweet heart of mine, can only send you love and kisses. When I return
the message will be more to our liking. 

I hope you are well, that Ethel’s cold is better and all the other chicks and chickens
are doing fine as usual.

Had fine letters from you, Ruthy 2nd and Katherine last evening. Thank them for me
until I have a chance to do so myself.

Well Dearie, this is my last letter to you from Crystal River, “World famous fishing
and hunting ground.” If they advertised it as a “loafing” ground, it would be nearer the truth.

As you signed yourself, I will apend as ever

Your “Silly Willie”

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