If Any Refuse, Let Me Know!

18 Dec

Ocala, FL
Feb 15, 1920

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, New Providence, NJ

My Dearest Ruthy:

The enclosed cards are a few views of this town.

Left Jacksonville at 10:20 this morning and arrived at 4 o’clock this afternoon. Mr
Massey went to his mother’s home and I have been to my room, washed up and take this
opportunity to write you. Mr M will return later, so I don’t know what the evening program
will be.

Had a good night’s sleep in Jacksonville, getting up at 8 o’clock — a good breakfast
and left at 10:20.

The morning dawned bright and clear, the air crisp enough for a light overcoat. I
heard a native remark that this was the coldest day of the winter — temperature about 50

I think the distance from Jacksonville is about 125 miles to cover, which the train
consumed 5 ½ hours — some speed!

The country passed thru was mostly barren and uninteresting, with an occasional
cultivated patch. There were several fields of good sized lettuce and cabbages, the latter
ready for use. 

The last third of the trip the farming was better and we passed many orange groves,
and you could see the clusters of grape fruit.

By the way, I’ve eaten grapefruit at every meal since leaving New York, and intend
to keep it up. They seem very delicious down here, probably because they are picked ripe.
Mr Massey just returned and wants me to go out for a walk.

Am feeling very well and think the trip will do me a lot of good.

I find one great void, however, in a trip like this and that is because I am far from
you and my loved ones. Am looking forward happily to the day when we can do this sort of
thing together.

Accept all the best love that is in me for your own dear self and hug and kiss all the
children that are willing to accept it. If any refuse, let me know!

Always your

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