It Ran Like a Bird

17 Dec

Jacksonville, FL
Feb 14, 1920

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, New Providence, NJ

My dearest Ruthy:

Arrived here on time at 8:30 A M and have disposed of our luggage in a not too
portentous room, but it happened to be the only one left. We remain here overnight and
leave at 10:20 Sunday morning for Ocala, arriving at 3:35 P M. I wrote you a card from
Washington yesterday evening and told you my address would be care of W W Condon,
Ocala, which I am repeating in case the postal went astray. Will stay there one week, then
go to Crystal River, % Crystal River Inn. Will advise you of future plans from there.

The trip so far has been pleasant, but uneventful. This morning dawned bright and
clear, no snow in sight, and getting off from time to time, as the train stopped, the air and
sunshine were most pleasant, temperature above 70 degrees.

Here tonight it is very comfortable outdoors without an overcoat. 

The one thing I didn’t enjoy coming down was the eating. We passed most of the
time away playing cribbage. The country we passed through all day was not inviting.
Mostly swampy fields and poor huts. Have not seen anything yet that I would swap for New
Providence, except the condition under foot. We took a hack from the station here. Tell the
boys it was a brand new Haynes 6 touring car, and ran like a “bird.”

Give my love and many kisses to all the kiddies (big and little) and accept my best
for your own sweet self.

Your Will

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