The Purest Air and Sunshine

15 Dec

Cheat Bridge, WV
Sept 15, 1919

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, New Providence, NJ

My Dearest Ruthy:

Have been thinking a great deal of you and home but this in the first opportunity I’ve
had to write.

Arrived at Cass at noon Saturday after a rather tiresome trip. Mr Mathews brother
Jasper met us at the depot with his auto and he and his wife have certainly treated us very
nicely indeed. J R & I wandered around Cass Saturday P M, looking over the lumber mill,
railroad shop, etc. Yesterday we took another walk with the kids in the morning and had a
58 mile auto ride in the afternoon. We went to the “Allegheny Club” on the top of the
Allegheny mountains. They had a flock of elk running around the place! We had dinner
there and returned home about 10:15 P M. The mountain scenery is something beyond
description. Great mountain peaks in every direction and beautiful farms in the lowlands.
Turkey and sheep raising are their specialty down here. The days have been hot and the
nights cold, getting down to the frost point.

The company owns their railroad to the lumber camps, so this morning at 7:30,
thru the courtesy of the Superintendent, we were sent over the line on the company’s
inspection car, a gasoline operated affair. Leaving Cass the railroad ascends 1400 feet in
6 miles, and before long we could see the most wonderful view of the valley. There were
low lying clouds as we started and before long we had risen above them into the purest air
and sunshine and could see the clouds below, looking like great lakes as they lay against
the hills. The road is 47 miles long and we traversed 45 miles of it. There were stops
where we visited lumber camps and saw the whole wonderful operation of getting the great
spruce & hemlocks ready for the saw and paper mill. The mountain climbing wearied me
but after a meal of boiled beef, cabbage, baked beans, macaroni & cheese, etc, the tired
feeling passed and we returned to this camp where we will put in the night and return to
Cass tomorrow afternoon. The whole experience has been new and wonderful and I have
enjoyed every minute of it, altho it does seem selfish not to have you with me to enjoy it

I hope you are as well as can be and that Edward has fully recovered. Will write
again as soon as I know more of the plans for returning home. Much love to all and a
special brand for your own dear self.

As ever your

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