Have Not Collected My Wits Yet for Serious Business

09 Dec

Chicago, IL
June 12, 1919

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, New Providence, NJ

My Dearest Ruthy:

Arrived back in Chicago at noon completing the Minneapolis jaunt without having
written you a line while in the gopher city! The reason is, Dearie, not because I didn’t want
to or didn’t think of it, but that they kept us busy — moon, noon, and night. Now that the
convention is over and I am alone once more on serious business, I can do better as you
see by this start made only one and a half hours after arrival here. I came to this hotel
immediately upon arrival, registered but could not get a room so had to check my baggage.
Have had a light lunch and will take a few minutes to be with you before starting out on a
still hunt for an envelope order.

Had a very nice time in Minneapolis. Must have driven at least 100 miles around it
and St Paul, seeing all points of interest, including “Minnehaha Falls.”

The Association sessions wound up Tuesday P M and at 5:40 nine of us took a train
to Armondale to spend Wednesday fishing. This place is some 60 miles by railroad
northwest of Minneapolis, and then a 5 mile auto ride to “Clearwater Lake,” a beautiful
pond about 8 miles long. The nine of us bunked in a cottage near the shore and after a
6:30 breakfast, fished until 2 P M, returning to Armondale in time to get a 3:16 train back to
Minneapolis. Upon arrival at the Radisson, I found 2 letters from you, both dated June 8.
Maybe you wrote on Saturday, if so, I didn’t receive it nor was there any letter at this hotel
when I arrived today. 

I enjoyed your 2 letters, both written on Sunday. Your sentiments toward me are
sweet and satisfying, knowing as I do that they are sincere and true.

I am feeling pretty well, altho I haven’t had much sleep. It is clear and very warm
here today. In fact, I sit in the writing room now. I am most uncomfortably warm.
I don’t know just what to say about my future movements. Have not collected my wits
yet for serious business and don’t know just how to tackle it, or where I shall go from here.

Will try to make up my mind and advise you in another letter. I shall be here I think until
Saturday afternoon, possibly St Louis Sunday morning. Would like to stop at Cleveland,
Detroit and Cincinnati, but don’t see how I can and get back by June 21st, in time for the
“Welcome Home” Celebration. I think the upshot of it will be that I shall make a bee line
from St Louis for home, maybe making one stop enroute.

Will have to stop now.

Love to all
Plenty to you and
Charlie, Edward, Jack and the rest

Ever your

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