Charlie Velocipede

08 Dec

1919 bullett

Chicago, IL
June 7, 1919

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, New Providence, NJ

My Dearest Ruthy:

Lillie has been home and told how I met her at steamer and she in turn saw me off.

No doubt you had some of the rain we passed through in New Jersey yesterday
morning. Arrived at this windy town at 9 A M in company with Mr Fishburn, of Whiting
Paterson Co, Philadelphia, and Mr Oles, Oles Envelope Co, Baltimore. We spent most of
the morning going thru the envelope plant of Sewell – Clap Co, and I am now waiting at this
hotel for Ed Abbott, who is to meet me here for lunch at one o’clock. The weather is cloudy
and somewhat cooler than what I left in New York.

I hope everything is going well with you, and that the small boys are behaving.
Do not know yet what my movement will be after leaving Minneapolis or just when I
shall leave. Will write as soon as I can determine.

I forgot to tell you that I called up Charlie Grant of Marcus Ward Co Thursday and
asked him to parcel-post 125 each sheets and envelopes to Lena, which he said he would
do that day. I also wrote Lena telling her what I had done — 250 sheets ought to be enough
for all the mourning notes necessary for a conventional period.

Neither my hand or pen is working well today. Didn’t sleep very much last night and
seem to be somewhat shaky altho I feel quite well.

Well, Dearie, I wish you were along for company! Our recent trip to New Haven
gave us a little glimpse of the good times we might have if we could get away for a couple
of weeks without any encumbrances. We shall have to look forward to having such a trip or
several of them sometime in the future. 

Much love to you and a bunch of kisses for all. Maybe Charlie velocipede has
arrived and he is now engaged in speed dashes on Springfield Ave. No doubt he will
become an expert rider in a very short time.

Will have to close now as it is nearly one and I have to go and look up Ed Abbott.

Always your

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