Guess I’ll Keep Till Morning

03 Dec

1916 letter
Boston, MA
Feb 28, 1916

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 570 East 23 rd St, Brooklyn, NY

My dearest Ruthy:

Have a few minutes to squeeze in a little note to you. Arrived in Boston 3/4’s of an
hour late, transacted my business here, had lunch at The City Club with Mr Andrew and
am ready to move on to Portsmouth, NH at 5 P. M.

Had a fair nights sleep, getting up at 6, breakfast at 6:30 and train out of Fall River
at 7.

Mr Andrew tells me temperature was 6 degree above this morning and the cold was
bitter when I arrived. Am wondering how cold it was in Brooklyn.

The paper situation is panicky. Mills are running short of coal, pulp, rags, etc, and
the New Haven Railroad puts an indefinite embargo on shipments effective at midnight

Have nothing more to say, except to send lots of love and kisses for you and all the

I suppose Jack & Edward are pestering you with question about my movements and
as to when I will get home. 

As always

Plymouth, NH
Feb 28, 1916

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 570 East 23 rd St, Brooklyn, NY

Dearest Ruthy:

This is my second letter to you today. Getting back to my old form. Whenever I am
away from you my thoughts travel back frequently but when in company with other men it is
difficult to get an opportunity to write; alone, it is different.

You will see from this letter head that I have arrived as per schedule. The hotel
sleigh, a 3 seater with a team of horses, was at the depot and I immensely enjoyed the ride
under a heavy fur robe. The night is a perfect one, about above zero. Had 2 sandwiches,
and apple and an orange on the train and just put away 2 pieces of apple pie and 2
glasses of milk. Guess I’ll keep till morning.

Am going to turn in now and sleep until 6:30 and the sleeping ought to be good
here. This is a delightful spot and I would not enjoy being here at all if I did not know that
some day we’ll visit it together when we are touring this country in our auto — on another of
our honeymoons.

Good night sweetheart, many kisses — much love from


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