I Am Heartily Tired of This Dirty Old City

30 Nov

1914 kid group

New Orleans, LA
Oct 23, 1913

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 287 Montclair Ave, Newark, NJ

My dearest Ruthy:

It is about noon and I am taking this opportunity of writing you before lunch which
will probably be the last letter sent from here. We leave for Galveston tomorrow at 6:30 P.
M. arriving at Houston in the morning and Galveston about noon.

Envelope samples arrived this morning, which does not give me much time to do
any business with them. I tried 2 jobbers however and some business may result.

Am glad you are feeling more cheerful than on Sunday evening and as you say,
some day we’ll motor somewhere to celebrate our “Steenth” wedding anniversary and
probably have more fun than B & M [Bob and Martha (Gomer) Gray] had at Atlantic City.

We may have a grown son for chauffeur and big daughter for companions, a situation that
M. will never reach.

There is nothing to tell you dearest worth relating. I am heartily tired of this dirty old
city and with you so far away, I am more than tired of it. 

Would like to get more letters from you. Will no doubt receive one tomorrow written
Tuesday. You might address me for letters mailed Saturday or Sunday % Typothetae
Special Train, New York Central Lines, St. Louis, Mo.
or more specifically:
W. A. Gray, on board
United Typothetae Special
New York Central Lines
St Louis, MO

I may have a chance to write you tomorrow altho we leave at 8:35 A. M. for a
steamboat ride to a sugar plantation & returning go direct to train.

Wish I could see little Edward and all the rest. I wish you lots of happiness and with
much love and many kisses for yourself and all the kiddies, I am

As always your

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