Keep Up with Stout Heart, Dearest

28 Nov

New Orleans, LA
Oct 21, 1913

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 287 Montclair Ave, Newark, NJ

My dearest Ruthy:

Another day gone and another day nearer you and home!

Received your “wee” love letter this morning. Am sorry you are not getting rest at
night. Wish I could fly to you this minute and take you in my arms and hold you there
forever. Dearie, you must go to bed early and sleep. I am with you tho not visible. The trip
is already wearing on me and it is because you are not with me. Our life together has been
sweet, but it does seem that the attachment for each other grows even stronger as the
years go by and I have no real enjoyment away from you.

This is a quaint old city and it will give me a great deal of pleasure to see all of it
with you some day. It is different from most American cities I have seen. With its quaint old
houses and flower gardens, narrow, rough paved streets, etc.

Tried to do some business today; was handicapped through lack of samples which
were to have been sent to me here and for some reason or other not arrived. I wired the G.
P. G. and shall try again tomorrow.

There are over 700 people at this convention, including the women, wives or
daughters. So there is a great deal going on all the time. 

I am enclosing a few pictures taken in the country which I’ve had printed here along
with others taken aboard ship.

Dearest, Ruthy, I haven’t seen a woman since I’ve been away that compares with
my sweetheart. Have seen a few of the Mrs Gatti brand, and everything of this sort I see
compels a deeper admiration and affection for you.

Keep up with stout heart Dearest. All the strife will soon be over and you and I will
have some good times together.

It is nearly midnight. A theatre party was the programme for tonight. All the
“Swedes,” except me brought evening clothes and I have felt the lack of them very much. I
left the crowd in a restaurant for some little “Eats,” to return to the hotel to write you.

Will look forward with pleasure to Sunday’s letter which will be at hand tomorrow
morning and will sleep tonight with your little note received today under my pillow and my
last thoughts will be that I am enfolding you in my arms and getting you into a sweet,
sound slumber. Much love and many kisses for you and all the children, from


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