The Novelty of Traveling Has Worn Off

27 Nov

New Orleans, LA
Oct 20, 1913

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, 287 Montclair Ave, Newark, NJ

My dearest Ruthy:

Arrived here this morning just before noon, finding your letter mailed Friday night,
which of course was most welcome.

Am glad little Jackie is coming around; no doubt the operation will prove of great
benefit to his health.

I feel somewhat guilty for not having written you while on the ship, and have had a
letter ready to mail you upon arrival. I thought of you and the dear ones surrounding you
many times. However, there was so much going on, so many calls here and there that the
days slipped by and it was late night, almost before I was aware of it.

The trip was a delightful one. Weather almost perfect, flannel and white summer
clothes being all that was needed. There was something doing all the time; entertainment,
concerts, deck games, a mock trial, and the usual round of cards. The only thing to mar the
entire success of the trip was an accident occurring to Phil Rusdon this morning. He fell
and broke his arm, was running on the deck, slipped and fell, some of the boys took him to
a hospital upon arrival in N. O., and the arm was set. He is around tonight with his arm in a
sling where it will remain for several weeks. 

Ruthy, I can’t write you a nice long letter such as I should like to write to me
sweetheart tonight. I am too sleepy, up at 6:30 and to bed from 12 to 2 was the program every
day of the trip and I can scarcely keep my eyes open as I write.

The novelty of traveling has worn off and I don’t really enjoy it without you. Had you been
with me the sail would have been fine. Will try and tell you more in detail about the voyage in
my next letter.

I expect to receive two more letters from you here. When you receive this letter, it will be
Thursday and it will not be possible for letters to reach me here written after Tuesday, nor can I
tell you where mail will reach me after leaving here.

I hope everything is all right when you receive this, and will continue so for a long and
happy life.

Much love and many kisses.

Your Will

Please excuse all errors as I have fallen asleep twice since starting this letter.
W. A. G.

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