Such An Odd Little Specimen

23 Nov
Will and Ruth's son Jack in 1913. Jack had a developmental disability. His younger brother Ed said he was always happy and fun to be around.

Will and Ruth’s son Jack in 1913. Jack had a developmental disability. His younger brother Ed said he was always happy and fun to be around.

New York, N. Y.
Aug 25, 1913

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % Mary H Reynolds, Petersburg, Rensselaer, NY

My dearest Ruthy:

I’ve been a bad boy tonight. It is 12:20 P. M. but I am going to do my duty and write
you a few lines and walk over to the Grand Central and put in train mail.

Had a little party here tonight. Fred Alfred, Jim Halley, Phil Ruxton, Frank
Montague, Raymond Bayles, a Mr Harbow from St Louis, Louis Orr and Harry Cook, all
Swedes. After dinner there was the usual game. The kitty paid all expenses and I won
$7.00, so I am a good dinner and a pleasant evening as well as the $7.00 ahead of the

Mr Gatti got the notion into his head that we go all rail last night and once he settles
on a thing you can’t move him. So we went to Albany and connected with the 7:30 for New
York. It seems that the regular train from the west was 35 minutes late so they put on a
special without any diner. The trip was very uncomfortable and all we could eat was
sandwiches and fruit. I would much prefer the boat trip. Altho I slept a couple of hours on
the train and had a comfortable night there. Enough about myself.

I am wondering how all my dear ones are tonight. Have thought quite a lot of Jack
and hope to hear tomorrow that he is better. He is such an odd little specimen —
understands but can’t express himself. It pains me to see him in distress. 

The days between now and Thursday or Friday will go fast and then we’ll be a
reunited family at home and again under the same old pleasant surroundings. I think I will
appreciate home more than ever.

I must stop and get this letter mailed so good night Ruthy my love, my wife and best
of all in my life, Dearest of all girlies, and best of all women.

Much love and many kisses for all
your loving husband and lover


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