You Are Such A Good Pal

21 Nov

1913 WillandRuth

New York, N. Y.
Aug 18, 1913

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % Mary H Reynolds, Petersburg, Rensselaer, NY

My dearest Ruthy:

Of course you got home all right and found the youngsters all right — there were
none in sight when the train passed. Presume all were in the bathing pool.

It was hard very hard to leave you Sunday. You make it so — you are such a good
pal; so full of sunshine and the worlds best philosophy. There is a camp along the Hudson
between Albany and Troy with a name “Sunshine Camp.” Must have been some “Sunny
Jim or Sunny Ruthy” living there who gave it that title.

It wasn’t quite so hot after leaving Pts’bg Junction. The speed of the train stirring up
some air. But it certainly was the limit waiting, and the train didn’t arrive until 7:10 — 15
minutes late. It was a pleasant surprise however to find the Rensselaer docking when I
arrived at her berth and while she didn’t leave until 8:37 it was some comfort to get aboard
and get a comfortable seat in the bow. I met a little chap about the age, size, appearance
of Dominie Wright who didn’t have any room reserved and was unable to get one so I let
him have a bed in mine. His name is Stephen Collyer and lives in Montclair, and is
Superintending Engineer for the Aeolian Co. He knew all about the Reynolds place having
stopped there 2 or 3 years ago, before they had bathrooms. He said they had to go out in
back and the place was worse than a pig-pen. He asked how Sid was behaving. He told
me that when he was there they had to lock him up nights, and that one time he “beat up”
Jessie with almost serious consequences. The old man was agreeable company and I was
glad to have him with me. I retired at 9:30. Still suffering from a headache and altho the
room was quite warm managed to sleep pretty well until 6:30. Mr Collyer said he came in
at 11 didn’t hear him so I must have been sound asleep. 

I haven’t felt like myself all day. My cold is better if anything but I am sore in my
joints and the heat and humidity has been terrific.

Remained sweltering at the factory until one then went to Manhattan. Got some pills
and am taking them now. I hope to feel better tomorrow.

Went to Newark this afternoon but didn’t think I could stand the heat at 287 so came
back to New York. Brought my grip up here, got the key to Mr Gattis’ room, shaved in my
skin, took a cold bath and now looking quite smart in my union suit. I sit here writing to my
sweetheart. I suppose before we were married anything like this would have shocked you,
now everything goes.

Dearie you are the one woman in this world for me. So good, so pure, so unselfish,
the best of all wives and mothers. I don’t want ever again to have you separated from me
as during this summer. I simply cannot get along without you within reach all the time.

We’ll try and fix it differently another year.

Well Dearie, many hugs and kisses for the best of all girlies and the same for the
sweetest of all families. How I miss little squirming presumptuous Edward.
With love for all from


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