“I Should Worry”

18 Nov

Aug 6, 1913

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % Mary H Reynolds, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co, NY

My dearest Ruthy:

It is after 11 P.M. and I am weary after the day’s activity, but I want a little chat with
the dearest of all girls before going to bed.

Have been dissipating this week and haven’t hit the pillows until midnight or after
either Monday or Tuesday and it looks like the same thing tonight.

After writing you at 6 o’clock last night I met Chester and Mr Henry and we had
dinner at this club. Afterward we went to the Astor Theatre and saw the much talked about
“Quo Vadis” pictures. They are very fine and tell the story in a beautiful and impressive
manner. I must take you to see them at the first opportunity. After the show my first impulse
was to come here and spend the night but after walking a block screwed up courage and
went to that dismal, lonesome pace called home, arriving shortly after 12.

Tonight I met Chester and Mr Henry again, they having a guest and we took the
boat at the battery for the Crescent Club at Bay Ridge. Carl met us there with his machine
and we had a very nice dinner. The plan was to go to the Motordrome at Brighten Beach
after dinner so we journeyed down through Fort Hamilton, Dyker Meradow Park and
Bensonhurst. There was a light rain falling all the while, and arriving at the track found that
the races were off on that account. We walked around there for a while, the same walk we
once took when with the Ekvals, took a ride in the same giant roller coaster and then
started back toward Brooklyn, stopping awhile at the “Park Inn” and listening to the
Cabaret with the usual accompaniment of liquid refreshments, etc., etc. Tiring of this Carl
took us through Prospect Park to Atlantic Ave, where we changed to the Electric cars, and
here I am at a little after eleven; a great deal to crowd into one short evening. 

I received your nice long letter this morning as usual. Ruthy, you are full of hard
common sense, and your letter thrilled me with admiration for the strong sweet character
possessed by the woman whom I have the honor to know and love as my wife.

Talking about Ed; he has been unwise and improvident as I have been myself and I
am sorry for him. I cannot help him and to be in that position worried me. I always forget
my own troubles, however severe, when I find some one else in distress. To be in Ed’s
condition (and mine) is not so much of a fault as a misfortune. Most anybody can make
money, not so many can save. Had we been born “money grabbers,” like some people we
know, the situation would be different. I haven’t seen Ed since but hope he is feeling
better. I tried again today to see Mr Leach but he was “very busy” and I didn’t have time to

Well, “I should worry.” My wife loves me, is big and strong and if I go to pieces, she
will go out and earn enough to buy food. We will need little else to live and be happy.

I am going to say good night to my sweetheart. I came here because I didn’t have
the nerve to face Newark. The days are going rapidly and in 55 short hours I will be in your
arms again and giving you the kisses I long to give you tonight.

Am enclosing a couple of dollars so you won’t run short; 200 cents, each cent 100
kisses. It would have to be one hundred dollars to supply all the kisses I want to give you

Much love to all from

your own

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