Climbing Mountains Is a Fine Thing

17 Nov

Aug 5, 1913

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % Mary H Reynolds, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co, NY

My dearest Ruthy:

I received your nice long letter this morning and as usual this chat with you at the
beginning of the day makes the remainder brighter.

Climbing mountains is a fine thing to develop the children, and summers like this
should put them solidly on their feet for life.

Went to Ed’s house last night and remained until about 11 when I went home. Ed
was around the house but complained of soreness around the abdomen, which the Dr said
was nervous indigestion. Ed lays it to his financial condition having reached the limit of his
resources and nothing immediate in sight. He has used himself up financially & physically
in politics. I went to see Mr Leach, the wealthy So Orange politician, in order to tell him of
Ed’s situation and ask if he and his political friends couldn’t help him out but I did not find
him in. Ed is proud and wouldn’t be pleased at my doing this, but I thought I’d take a
chance. We’ll try him tomorrow. 

It was cool last night and I had a very good sleep in “your” bed. I simply had to get a
package off to the laundry which took some time & I was late getting to New York. There
were 13 shirts, 21 collars, 3 suits, underclothes, 15 handkerchiefs & 7 pairs socks.
I sent you a small bottle of Cresolene & 2 boxes jujubes by mail tonight. Will bring
more of the same thing when I come up.

Am going to dinner at Rep. Club tonight with Mr Jones & Henry and they are waiting
for me at their office now. So I will not have time to write you a longer letter.

Give my love and kisses to all the kiddies and accept a generous share for your
own self.

As always,

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