She Is a Girl With Decided Opinions

13 Nov

July 28, 1913

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % Mary H Reynolds, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co, NY

My dearest Ruthy:

We have had very heavy showers this afternoon and I got fairly soaked walking
across City Hall Park. I wonder if this fine rain extended as far as Petersburg.

The trip home or back to New York rather was about the same as usual except that
the Rensselaer didn’t come to Troy on account of low water. They took us from Troy to
Albany on a small boat named “Victor” and tied up alongside the Rensselaer at Albany and
transferred the passengers. We left Albany about 9 o’clock and the night was hot and
sticky and sleeping not very comfortable. Ran into quite a heavy fog toward morning which
compelled slow speed on part of the boat.

Was busy at factory until noon. Lunched at Mrs O’Hare’s and have been in
Manhattan until now.

Tomorrow shall have to go to Philadelphia so will have to miss your letter written

It is needless to say that in Miss C’s company coming down, I heard much of the
gossip of the camp rehashed. She is a girl with decided opinions, which Dr C’s are freely
given, and I do not think the general comfort of the farm will be reduced by her absence. 

My mind is a blank except on the subject of business and of you.

My visit with you was very enjoyable, awakening memories of all the truly happy
incidents of my life. The walk to the depot was fine and seemed like our courtship days all
over again.

Ruthy, Sweetheart, it is fine to have the pure strong love of a woman like you. Your
influence over me is the only power in the world that enables me to meet the obstacles of
every day and fight them out of the way. I want to be a really big man and do big things for
you and all the little ones. This is my one ambition in life.

I hope Katherine is better and that Florence continues to improve and that Jack and
Edward are holding their own.

Kiss them all for me and accept for yourself some sweet kisses and hugs such as I
gave you during the day on Sunday. Good night Dearest.


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