Let Those Who Are Afraid of It Move

12 Nov
Billy and Ethel

Billy and Ethel

July 23, 1913

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth (Barrell) Gray, % Mary H Reynolds, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co, NY

My dearest Ruthy:

I reached home last night before 9, spent half an hour on Nellie’s porch, wrote a
letter to Mr Spencer, and got to bed before eleven.

Found your letter of yesterday this morning. Also Ethels. Was very glad to receive
both. Can Ethel (and Billy) really swim or is it imagination? I bought 3 pairs water wings
which were mailed today. These will soon learn them to swim, and with the aid of a pair
you may learn yourself. The directions for use are printed on the wings.

I wouldn’t pay any attention to any remarks of the boarders about the whooping
cough. Let those who are afraid of it move. Dykeman told me his father-in-law, the doctor,
says the only danger of contagion is in the victim getting the spray from the coughing fit.
The opinion of Dr C may be valuable on some questions, but I wouldn’t give much for it on
anything outside of his own line. 

You will see I am at Ekvalls tonight. Have had a swim with Carl and am awaiting
dinner which is now announced, so I will have to close, also to get into the mail, so you will
receive tomorrow morning. Tell Ethel I will write her tomorrow. Take things easy. Don’t
worry about anything, and have just as good a time as you can.

Much love and many kisses for you and all the kids,

from your

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